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Scotman's Flash - May 2021

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Finally we were allowed to organise an event after 15 long months of not being able to meet up with members. What an amazing afternoon we had, albeit it rained none stop, but that didn't stop the kids, and the parents making the most of their time together. For the ones amongst us who didn't venture out onto the water we did wonder at one point what on earth they were doing as they all seemed to stop in one place on the Flash for what seemed an eternity. I won't embarrass our Vice Chair Jodie by posting the video of her 'amazing' singing !!!

It was wonderful to see the big smiles on the children's faces as they rowed back, whilst they were cold, wet, tired and hungry it was clear they had all had a fantastic afternoon.

Thank you to everyone at Scotman's Flash for making it a day to remember!

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