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Hello! I’m Catherine, a Trustee of the charity and a Qualified Teacher of Deaf Children and Young People – QTOD for short – which I have enjoyed doing since January 2022.


I have always been passionate about BSL, starting at the age of 8, when I first discovered the language. I went on to undertake a degree in Deaf Studies (and English) as I was keen to learn more about deafness, BSL and the Deaf community. Fast forward a few years, and I finally have a career working with Deaf children and young people. This continued passion is what led me to become a trustee with WLDCS to provide ongoing support, advice and opportunities for our children and families within the Borough.


I’m a positive (and slightly competitive) person and support mainly with the Youth Group. I am keen to provide fun, memorable and challenging opportunities for our Deaf CYP.

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